I am a textile designer and creator of homewares, accessories and artworks who almost exclusively works with pre-loved textiles. Upcycled felted wool sweaters are my favourite material. Often hopelessly outdated, worn at the elbows, moth eaten or misshapen, the jumpers I use are retrieved from op shops or donated by friends. The shrinking process causes their defects to fade and their felted textures, patterns and colours emerge full of possibilities for transformation. When I give these discarded garments a second life as functional homewares, I like to incorporate elements from their past-- a raglan seam, or a cable pattern perhaps, that hints at what they used to be. Find out more at gayeabandon.com
~ Wednesday, November 30 ~
Upcycled Sweater Woolly Pocket Purse by Gaye Abandon

Upcycled Sweater Woolly Pocket Purse by Gaye Abandon

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